Payload Production Platform

Scope of Applications

Our Payload Production Platform technology allows for the structural optimization of pre-selected naturally occurring variants of nonribosomal peptides as well as for the introduction of anchor groups comprising conjugation chemistry (incl. click chemistry). Those anchor groups are accessible for coupling of linkers/MABs of ADCs, of markers/labels for diagnosis and of additional structural modification which cannot be directly introduced.

Our toxins coupled with our Payload Generation Platform are ideally suited to create novel payload families for various cancers.

Building Blocks

New ADC with novel payloads

Feeding defined amino acids is the key element for creating novel compounds based on non-ribosomal peptides from cyanobacteria. We can control variation and introduce anchor groups comprising conjugation chemistry (incl. click chemistry). The technology made those newly created nonribosomal peptides proprietary and in case of potent cyanotoxins accessible for MABs to build ADCs. Our first payloads generated with our platform are based on the potent toxin group of microcystins.


Microcystin-based payloads with clickable anchor groups